The FWD Needs You!!

The FWD Needs YOU!

Many have been wondering, ‘where is the next issue of The FWD?!’

After sending out 2 amazing issues in the spring and summer of this year, we are coming to the end of July with no answer. Thank you to all of the students at St. John’s High School, RB Russell & Children of the Earth for their contributions to making our first 2 issues such a success.

The FWD Issue #3

We are hoping to release our 3rd issue at the beginning of September 2012. Our talented team of Student Writers are on a mission to tackle the current issues and represent the voices of young people in our community. There are many positive experiences and many more opportunities, perspectives and issues to be addressed in our own words in this coming issue, but it will not be possible without community support.

We Need Your Help

There are 3 ways you can help us with THE FWD North End Newspaper:

1. If you are a young person in the North End, consider becoming a student writer! You get to learn how to be a journalist, meet cool people and have your words shared across the City! (you also get to make up your own pen name and personal logo!)

2. If you are a business, organization or group, consider purchasing an Ad in our next issue! We have created a formula where we can publish 3,000 copies of The FWD if we can receive 10 ads purchased for our next issue!

3. If you are a venue in the North End and want to set up a FWD News Stand, let us know! The more places (restaraunts, offices, gas stations, youth centres, etc) that allow us to set up a news stand, the more people will hear our voice. Thank you to the 3 North End High Scrools, and the many community businesses that have helped distribute The FWD (so far!).

To contact us there are 3 easy possibilities to catch our attention:

1. Send us an email

2. Like us on Facebook at

3. Tweet/follow us at @FWDwinnipeg

While you are at it, check out issue 1 & 2 online now!



We are working hard on our next issue. Please consider supporting our community Newspaper in any way you can!

-The FWD Crew


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